Find Your Dream

campaign second part
Campaign Second Part

Thate Pan Hub hosted a big competition as the 2nd part of a virtual event in honor of “World’s Children Day” which is on 20th of November, 2020. The second part, under the name of “Find your dreams” is for all the children of age 9-13. They participated by writing an essay or drawing about their dreams. There were also prizes for the winners who can clearly describe their dreams. 

Thate Pan Hub  has successfully celebrated the “Find your dreams”  competition for children. A total of 57 competitive children (40 painters, 17 writers) competed.

In essay writing , from among 17 writers the following winners were selected:

In drawing , from among 40 painter  the following winners were selected:

We,Thate Pan Hub, proudly recorded  each child who competed strongly to celebrate the competition .

Big Competition For World's Children Day